In 2017 the ARU will be conducting a ‘Blue Card’ trial in regards to the management of Concussion for both Juniors and Senior competitions in ACT, Monaro and South Coast.

The Blue Card Trial is part of an extended Player Welfare and Safety initiative from the ARU to assist with the recognition and removal of players with concussion or symptoms of a suspected concussion.  The ARU has identified two trial regions – Hunter and ACT – as the study base for 2017.

The ARU will be delivering information sessions in both these areas on a week night and a weekend.  All local rugby stakeholders (Match Officials, Coaches, Medical Staff) are invited to attend these sessions to gain a clearer understanding of the trial program, its aims, objectives, and procedural implications within these competitions.

There will be two seminars conducted in March and April to educate of referees, coaches, clubs and teams first aid/medical staff on the Blue Card.

The first will be on Sunday 19th March from 10am until 12pm, Venue TBC. There is only a total of 50 spots available for clubs for this seminar as a large number of referees will be present. Due to number restrictions, clubs are allowed to send no more than three representatives. If you wish to attend, contact

The second seminar will be on Wednesday 12th April from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. Details are to come regarding venue and numbers.

Click here to find out more information regarding the blue card trial and the on and off field process.