Saturday Training Session!🔥Video 3 in our series will get you warmed up on a beautiful Jindabyne morning.

Thanks to Dan at Peak Performance Cafe and Fitness and to Bryson from our Under 13s for showing us the movements.

This is another FOR TIME workout, so download the SmartWOD App to record your results, then you can post a screenshot in the comments.

Today’s workout:
⏱ FOR TIME (you’ll see that option on the SmartWOD app). This means record the total time to get through everything below.
➡️ Push ups x 50 reps
➡️ Jump Squats x 50 reps
➡️ Russian Twists x 100 reps
➡️ Burpees x 50 reps (OUCH!)

Remember you can take a break at any stage you need to, but you need to get through the total amount of work above.


Remember, #SaturdayIsRugbyDay so get out in your kit and get training!